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Here at PDTS day sales are done a little differently than many people involved in the sales of high-end dogs. I only train one dog at a time for this purpose, and all training is done in my personal home, not a kennel to ensure you that besides receiving the absolute finest in obedience/ protection training that your dog will arrive in your home with a clear understanding of how to act inside your residence (EX. no jumping on furniture, proper housebreaking, chewing etc.). In addition I will train you extensively on how to handle your new dog in every situation. These dogs are guaranteed to have great nerves and will be your child’s best friend and an intruder’s worst adversary. I work mostly with European Import German Shepherds for this purpose, but other working breeds can be imported, and trained upon request.

Bryan trains actress Nikki Reed of “Twilight Saga” and Husband Paul McDonald to work with their new dog purchased from PDTS as featured in People Magazine.

Kori shown here, with the Levensten Family.

An example of the on-off switch a personal protection dog should have, trained by PDTS.

i have worked German Shepherds for about 15 years now.  full disclosure i’m not a professional rather a die hard hobbyist  perhaps?  My interest is limited to family protection dogs. I also don’t usually write testimonials but thought this is worthwhile. 

i have been lucky enough to have access to arguably the best trainers in the world.   

i know online people will say there are no shortages of great trainers in the north east. But when i moved to the northeast i struggled finding the right trainer for me.  i realized that few trainers understood the subtle difference between types of training ie competition, family protection vs police k9 etc…  and that was very important to me.  My interests are limited to the ideal family protection dog.

i’m in a profession that frequently exposes me to the damage a dog can cause.  So i’m very careful with allowing working dogs around my very young kids.

i needed someone who was EXCELLENT at reading dogs, pushing the dogs during training sessions but not mishandling the dogs where they easily can become a liability.  I also needed someone that understood the difference between my needs and someone who is training a dog for competition. People underestimate the intricacies of family protection dog training.  You need a dog that is so clear headed that he doesn’t react to a child taunting him or a stranger that means no harm. A dog that you can take everywhere with you. but if the situation arises he must have the training and the testing that proves he will stick to protecting his family no matter the cost.  There are literally dozens of websites selling protection dogs to families who unfortunately are being conned not just out of their money but in the false sense security that they have a dog who will protect them if the need arises. 

I met Bryan in 2011 and after speaking with him i felt comfortable to start training my two Shepherds with him.  After a couple of sessions it was obvious he knew what he was doing.    

i have so much confidence in Bryan that  i had him find me a green dog that we would finish together. i had never done this before, i’ve always had the dogs as puppies and had to be involved in raising them.  Again, because of my home situation with my kids i didn’t make that decision lightly.  But i trusted Bryan. 

He found Zaro.  i don’t know how but he did. We imported Zaro and when i saw him lol i told Bryan i had my doubts to say the least. But Bryan had the ability to see the diamond in the rough.  He trained Zaro for about 3 months after which we finished the dog together.

Zaro is now 3 years old and i have to admit he is the best Shepherd i’ve had.  He goes to work with me daily, is around my children.  i literally take him with me EVERYWHERE i go. Coffee shops, outdoor dining, home depot etc….. this dog is so clear headed, and when i’m working him, the level of drive and aggression still baffles me. 

Again the key here is knowing the difference in the type of dog the owner needs and Bryan works on delivering. 

i’ve seen Bryan train competition dogs and i’ve seen him train protection dogs.  i’ve also just recently connected him with friends of mine for behavioral issues with their dog and they have been ecstatic with the results. it goes without saying but i strongly recommend him to anyone interested in training or finding a dog for their family. 

Antoine Panossian D.M.D., M.D.