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Behavior modification…
…for dogs with temperamental problems such as fear of loud noises, new environments, aggression due to insecurity, etc. Basically, through neutralization and forced socialization, I can bring your dog through their fears to reach his/her genetic potential.

Basic obedience..
…unsurpassed control on your dog while on leash no matter what distractions may be around you. Your dog will learn to heel on leash with their undivided attention on you. You will also get a sit and down command with the dog staying in that position no matter what the duration is; whether its five (5) minutes or one (1) hour.

Advanced obedience…
…your dog will do all the above off leash, with the addition of an off leash recall (come on command). Like I stated earlier, the training I do will be stronger than any distraction going on around you.

Control protection…
…for people that have dogs that are unapproachable due to high levels of aggression. With this training, your dog will be given an on and off switch for his/her aggression. Your dog will learn to alert on command, and also shut his/her aggression completely off on command. Basically, you will be able to have people approach you and have confidence and complete control over the situation.

Personal protection…
…for people who want their dog to be a controlled bodyguard. There are many levels of this training. Please call for details.


I contacted Bryan because she wanted to attack roller blades and skateboards..


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