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I contacted Bryan because she wanted to attack roller blades and skateboards..


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Bryan Hendricks is an experienced, certified professional dog trainer serving the West Chester, Pennsylvania area. He has a passion for building strong relationships between dogs and their owners and uses his expertise to achieve results in obedience training as well as behavioral issues. His method of teaching combines European methods and with fun activities tailor-made for each pup’s individual needs and abilities. With his love for animals and dedication to providing personal instruction, Bryan is committed to helping pet owners create meaningful memories with their K9 companions. Check out his testimonials.

Top In-home Dog Training in West Chester

Bryan Hendricks believes that the best way to ensure lasting success when it comes to dog training is to create a customized environment in their home. He believes that by doing so, he can better understand each pup’s unique characteristics and needs while also providing an atmosphere of comfort and familiarity. This type of one-on-one instruction allows Bryan to get to know the pet and its owner, which increases the overall effectiveness of his in-home dog training program. Not only does this allow for more individualized attention and guidance but it also helps build trust between trainer and pet – something essential for successful obedience training. Furthermore, Bryan provides advice and resources on how to keep up consistent behavior in the home once instructions have ended, allowing owners to reap long-term rewards from their training experience.


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If you’re looking for an experienced and professional dog trainer to help your canine companion learn important commands, build obedience or address behavioral issues, look no further than Bryan Hendricks in West Chester, PA. With his commitment to customized instruction, you can rest assured that you are providing your four-legged friend with the best possible training experience. Contact Bryan today to get started!