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Dog Training in Malvern, PA

I contacted Bryan because she wanted to attack roller blades and skateboards..


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Finding quality pet training services in Malvern, Pennsylvania can be a challenge. But with Professional Dog Training Services, you won’t have to look any further! Our certified professional, Bryan Hendricks, is dedicated to providing personalized in-home instruction geared specifically towards each pup’s individual needs and abilities. We believe that the best way to ensure success is not only to teach obedience and correct unwanted behaviors but also to strengthen the bond between owners and their pets.

In-Home Dog Training in Malvern, PA

From basic commands such as sit, place, come and heel to more complex behavior issues such as barking or jumping on people – our knowledgeable trainers have the expertise needed to guide pet owners through every step of the process. We offer one-on-one personal training after we finish training your dog at your home. Plus, we provide resources and advice on how to sustain consistent behavior once instructions have ended.


Setting the Standard For Malvern Dog Trainers

We guarantee that pet owners will see results! Our team loves making learning fun and enjoyable for both pups and their humans so that everyone involved can enjoy great life experiences together. So if you’re interested in professional dog training services in Pennsylvania – look no further than Bryan Hendricks! Contact us today to get started on building the best relationship possible with your K9!