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I contacted Bryan because she wanted to attack roller blades and skateboards..


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Professional Dog Training Services knows that each dog is unique and requires individualized training to be successful. They believe that one-size-fits-all schemes are not effective, and can lead to a discouraging “failure” for the pup. For this reason, their approach to instruction is tailored to fit the specific needs of the dog in question, utilizing an array of positive reinforcement methods along with other resources available to ensure success.

In Home Dog Training Near Havertown, PA

One of the greatest advantages of in-home dog training is the one-on-one attention and individualized instruction it provides. In this setting, trainers are able to get to know each pup on a personal level so that they can better understand their needs and tailor the lesson plans accordingly. This allows them to provide a more well-rounded approach to learning that can lead to faster and more profound changes in the dog’s behavior.


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If you’re looking for a comprehensive, tailored approach to training your dog then don’t hesitate to contact Professional Dog Training Services today! A trained professional can help ensure that your pup is getting the best education possible.