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I contacted Bryan because she wanted to attack roller blades and skateboards..


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Professional Dog Training Services offers its expertise and knowledge to help owners build a successful relationship with their pup. With Master Trainer/Behaviorist Bryan Hendricks at the helm, clients can trust that they are receiving world-class care and insight. Not only does he hold multiple certifications, but he has also achieved World Level standards in IPO competitions and Schutzhund USA National Level Helper Certification – all which means pups can overcome anything from common disobedience issues to more extreme behavioral ones. With Bryan’s exemplary expertise and many success stories, your pet will be on its way to learning invaluable skills with long-lasting results.

Devon, PA In-home Dog Trainers

Home based dog training is ideal because it provides a comfortable and familiar environment for the pup to learn in. This method of training allows owners and us to set a schedule and structure for the best results. Home-based training can also give owners the opportunity to practice their skills on a daily basis. By having an experienced trainer come directly to your house, you take out the hassle of traveling back and forth while still receiving quality instruction individualized for your pup’s needs.

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We are dedicated to crafting an individualized plan that motivates their progress while creating lasting results. Every day we witness our K9s go from unruly puppies to affectionate companions — come join us today and begin your journey with us!