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I contacted Bryan because she wanted to attack roller blades and skateboards..


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If you’re looking for exceptional home dog training services in the Blue Bell, PA area, then look no further than Bryan Hendricks. As a Certified Master Trainer/Behaviorist and a World Level IPO Competitor, he has the expertise to handle everything from minor misbehaviors to extreme cases. With his knowledge and understanding of canine behavior and body language, he is able to quickly assess any issues or miscommunication between pup and owner.

Bryan’s services are tailored specifically to each canine client’s individual needs, providing personalized plans that ensure every pup’s goals are met in the most effective way possible. From basic obedience classes to specialized consultations with owners, no matter what your pup’s age or skill level may be you can trust that your pet will get the help it needs for lasting results.

Why Choose In-Home Dog Training?

  1. Customized Training – With in-home dog training, your pup receives customized instruction tailored to their overall personality, skill level, and any current issues it may have. This ensures each pup receives the specific assistance they need for lasting results.
  2. Flexibility – In-home dog training eliminates the need for both time-consuming drop offs and pick ups which makes it extremely convenient for pet owners who have full schedules or have difficulty leaving their homes.
  3. Uninterrupted Learning – With in-home dog training, your pup is free from the stress and distractions that come with learning outside of a home environment, allowing them to focus more on training.

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When it comes to finding quality home dog training services in Blue Bell, there’s no one better than Bryan Hendricks.  Contact him today to get started.