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Welcome to Professional Dog Training Services, where training is tailored to meet each dog’s needs individually. Bryan Hendricks is a Certified Master Trainer/behaviorist, World Level IPO Competitor, and Schutzhund USA Certified National Level Helper capable of handling the most common acts of disobedience, to the most extreme behavioral issues.

At Professional Dog Training Services, training is molded around your dog’s temperament as an individual, as there is no systematic way in which all dogs can be trained. Systematic training is one of the reasons you’ll hear people say “My dog failed obedience class”, this is because that trainer’s system of training didn’t work for their dog, and lacked the knowledge to use alternative means.

A dog that fails obedience is only a reflection of a failed trainer, and that simply isn’t possible at Professional Dog Training Services – There is a 100% success rate.


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All training is backed by a written LIFETIME GUARANTEE

Specialized Training- Wheelchair Obedience
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Testimonial, the Fagan Family (Advanced obedience under distraction with animal aggressive dog)

training at all levels

Bryan Hendricks

Here, Bryan is shown working on the hit show Daredevil. He was also the trainer of this dog for the show.

Take a moment to read Bryan’s testimonials about his services, so you can get a better understanding on why people from all walks of life rely on Bryan for the best dog training services in South Jersey and surrounding communities.


Specialized Training & Dog Sales

Featured in People Magazine

Bryan trains actress Nikki Reed of “Twilight Saga” and Husband Paul McDonald to work with their new dog purchased from PDTS as featured in People Magazine.

Specialized Training With A Jack Russell Terrier

Specialized Training to do obedience with handler on crutches. This woman went through multiple trainers before contacting PDTS.

Bryan Competes at the Highest Levels

Bryan and “Dave”

Bryan and Dave take 3rd Place and High Obedience at 2014 WDC Nationals

Bryan and “Turk”

Bryan and Turk Take Third At The 2018 AWMA Nationals with a score of 286 97-95-94. Turk makes the 2019 FMBB World Team

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Schutzhund It is a sport intended on testing the working capability and temperamental soundness of a dog.

Dog Training

Our at-home training utilize proven and effective methods to help your dog reach his/her genetic potential.

Dog Sales

Dog sales are done a little differently here than many involved in the sales of high-end dogs.

What our customers say

I met Bryan in 2011 and after speaking with him I felt comfortable to start training my two Shepherds with him. After a couple of sessions it was obvious he knew what he was doing.

I’ve seen Bryan train competition dogs and i’ve seen him train protection dogs.  i’ve also just recently connected him with friends of mine for behavioral issues with their dog and they have been ecstatic with the results. it goes without saying but i strongly recommend him to anyone interested in training or finding a dog for their family. 

Antoine Panossian D.M.D., M.D.

What sets Bryan apart


Lifetime guarantee on training services.


100% success rate (a dog that fails obedience is a reflection of a failed trainer).


Competed at the highest levels in Schutzhund with numerous championships and titles.

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